Microsoft December 11 2023 Technical picture.

Weekly data three year time frame for alle three charts below.

The first line chart shows my own percentile bands around the median price and Price Headleys acceleration bands. Formulaes in the Excel spread sheet. Chart produced by Google Sheets and same parameters as in the Excel spread Sheet.

The next candlestick chart is surrounded by the Ichimoku cloud indicator, MACD, MACD histogram and RSI below. Be aware of multicolinearity, that is the indicators are not independant, but some faster than other indicators. Chart produced on Saxo Bank’s SaxoTrader Go with default settings for all indicators.

The last candle stick chart shows Williams Fractal Chaos Bands with the Williams alligator indicator and ParaBolic SAR. Chart produced on where you also find fundamental values for Microsoft. Default settings for all indicators.

Reduced to the least common denominator fundamental analysis tells you what and, while technical analyses tells you when and how long. Fundamental analysis is like climate charts, while technical analysis is like weather charts.






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